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Beginning in January of 2016 a group of Universal Light Beings (ULB’s) contacted Shelly asking if she would like to work with them.  This opened up a new chapter for her with non-terrestrials or star beings.  Some might refer to them as ET’s however; they stated they prefer these names.

Her group consists of three beings.  Albayon is Arcturian and is a captain of one of the ships that patrol our universe.  He has been in this role for well over a thousand years and has a great deal of experience working with humanity.  Brysentia is Pleiadian and has been one of the emissaries of light assisting us as we move through the transition in our DNA.  She was actually a part of the influx of star beings during the time of Lemuria.  Lastly is Crystallia and it is actually from her that this website was named!  She is from the Omniverse meaning other universes beyond our own.  She is pure crystalline light energy and has never been upon or even close to the earth.  It is the crystalline energy that will take our development into the next phase of ascension.

Shelly channels in a clear balanced manner always with the highest light vibration and integrity.  When it comes to channeling or energy work it is always up to each individual to choose for themselves what is real or what is not.  Shelly asks you to open to the potential that perhaps some profound changes are taking place!

ULB’s channel about what is happening, ascension, your part in it all.

Facebook Live:

Either one of the above links will take you to the live channel.  On Facebook, I am not set up in advance, however, if you go to that page, you will see me streaming live.  I am happy to get a discussion going around the questions you may have.

One concern that I have is how to shift the energy of so many people!! I know mainstream media and social media focus on their agenda, but man oh man, it is awful!  The divide in our population is extremely noticeable. I also would like to know what they see happening in the months to come.

Please join me!!!

Tonight I will be channeling the Universal Light Beings for my monthly channel. There is a lot to talk about with all that is happening and I am anxious to see what they say!! 

Tonight is my monthly Universal Light Being channel and they will be talking about what is happening in our world and in the universe.


We are Universal Light Beings Assisting Humanity and Gaia through Channeling and Energy Work