This is an excerpt from the full channel with the ULB’s (Universal Light Beings) in which Albayon speaks of some of the information that is coming out at this time.

People have spoken about some of the figures like the Pope, HRC, Obama, and some of the other world leaders as perhaps being clones. As you read about what is taking place with all the corruption and people being in jail, it is hard to know what is real and what is not. He said that there are clones and how they are created and they are completely controlled through artificial intelligence. They don’t have a consciousness or soul and therefore lack the depth of a human. They are also totally controlled.

He also talked about when a body double is used. He said there are some who have doubles that may step in for them because they are actually arrested and behind bars. These are real people and can talk, reason, make choices, and therefore different from the clones. If it is someone in a position to interact, chances are this is what is used.

Albayon then said he was going to talk about vaccines — which I would really like to hear — but ended up getting distracted in talking about Covid, how it started, and where people are now. So he didn’t talk about the vaccines. I’m going to channel just that question and will add it later.