Audio Only of the Meditation

Albayon has spoken many, many times in his channels about going to his ship for healing.  Recently people have begun to ask me for more information about that, which led to me channeling him to speak about healing, then take us to his ship.

An interesting aspect of this is that it gives more details than I consciously think about. In addition, he speaks of what people can use RIGHT now to begin their healing process.  healing takes place on many different levels.  You cannot just heal a physical problem without healing the emotions behind it.  You cannot heal anything without changing your belief system so that you will now understand why it happened and how to prevent a repeat.  All of this is discussed in his full channel.  I have also taken out the excerpt of just the meditation for those who wish to have that.

After he was done, I went back and added a little more because a friend had spoken of a different way that she uses the medbed, which I thought would be helpful to others. It begins with a description of healing and who he is and his life.


The meditation excerpt:

About 23 minutes is where the actual meditation begins.