This is a segment of the monthly channel I have with the Universal Light Beings. This is Albayon who is an Arcturan Emissary of Light. He has so very much information during this channel!! I’m indicating the various times in the channel when he shifts gears so that you may jump around if you so choose:

05:45 Removal of the 3rd-dimensional vibration or rather the deactivation of that energy.

15:45 WW III or the spiritual war that is now taking place. This represents the removal of the cabal and the control and manipulation and people awakening to choice and the higher vibrations.

18:19 and 20:00 Speaking of technology and the changes that will come about. He speaks of himself as an Arcturan and how he sustains himself. This also includes med beds.

24:30 The Earth is finding it’s new balance within the ascended energies.

26:40 Covid 19. He speaks of how it was developed, as biowarfare, and the effect on everyone worldwide and how this changing and playing into all that is happening.