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This will be a conversation with the Universal Beings. It’s a time when you can ask questions if you’d like.

Questions for Albayon
43:16 – We have an angel body, do we also have an alien body?
45:20 – I am paying more and more mortgage almost every month. I am in Sweden. Do you believe we will get back this money? Or only in case this money we are paying are being used for negative purposes by others. ?
49:44 – Can you tell us what the people from Andromeda look like? Do they have any humanoid features? Thank you Albayon
52:45 – What would travel look like in the next 5 or more years?
53:40 – Do you know if there will be anymore lockdowns or possible even blackouts?
55:20 – Do the ULBs work directly with the secret space program? When will the re-evaluation of currencies occur based on gold or other assets?
59:25 – Do you see the censoring of free speech ending?

Questions for Brysentia

1:16:30 – I cannot remember my dreams, how to learn how to do it?
1:19:28 – There is said to be a sleeping giant in an ark underground – will he be supportive to the ascension of humanity after he wakes?
1:23:25 – I have heard that one can hook oneself to the person to whom one is sending light. How to send it without hooking?
1:25:05 – When we get to a point of telepathy, will everyone be able to see or our thoughts, or will we be able to close personal stuff off?
1:25:00 – Ive been creating sacred geometry symbols since i was a child. I didnt know what i was drawing till my great awakening.
I want to help Gaia with sacred geometry.
1:30:30 – Where was Atlantis?
1:33:40 – Do we need to have a kundalini awakening before we can ascend?
1:35:05 – Thank you for the information that comes through you from these emissaries of Light.
Could you ask about Simon Jean-Paul Sacha Adams aka Sacha Stone. Is he from dark or light?
1:36:30 – How does 5G affect us?
1:37:35- Some are noticing in Albuquerque that the number of homeless seems fewer. Is it true? Who is picking them up – police, military, other? What’s going on with them?