The transformation taking place began in the Solstice of December 2019 and the upcoming equinox is the completion of this cycle. At the beginning of the channel, all three were together talking about the cyclical changes that take place.  Frequently there are large numbers of people who transition off the earth at the same time and it was anticipated that this is what was taking place with the Covid 19 virus. A vortex is created which the transition of groups of people; into this vortex flows the crystalline energy and this creates the change.

Fear is a low vibration that holds people in the 3rd dimension.  During this process of the energy is released clearing out the old patterns and into that newly created space more of the crystalline energies flow into space, raising the vibration of the earth. Looking at the last 100 years groups of people have left due to war, genocide, natural disaster; generally, a harsh transition.  The transition taking place now is different because there are more people who hold the higher vibration which allows the layers of the lower vibrations to be released.

This break-in time when people are staying home is allowing people to experience their life in a new way.  This is an opportunity for people to reevaluate their lives and begin to look within themselves.  There are many different situations taking place where people are looking out for others, taking care of others, supporting the industries that remain open, and in doing so; you are expressing the 5th-dimensional energies.

That of Living from the heart, that of compassion, that of working to support one another, that of not trying to tear people down so that you can go up but instead everyone working together to support one another to raise the level for all. That is 5th-dimensional vibration and that is what is taking place right now.

There is also a movement right now #WWG1WGA, where we go 1, we go all.  You may have heard of this and when I first heard it I realized it was so like the Goddess of Creation; Nama Sika, Venia Benya – I AM the One, I AM the Whole. (

The ULB’s can see potentials, but they don’t always see the specifics, because there are so many variations.


Brysentia  11:35

When a planet goes through a transformation, it sends out vibrations that are like impulses that impact the rest of the universe. These impulses are a reflection of the collective consciousness and all of them create waves and patterns that move through the rest of the universe.  At this time ALL the planets are going through some form of ascension.  Some are further along than earth, some are moving in other directions.  All of these energies create the vibration of the universe as a whole. This I why the earth is supported and this is why this is all stabilizing the

Solar flares can cause so many changes in humanity and some are being tempered because of these changes taking place.  Brysentia gives a description of how this all works together.  When there is balance, there may be an energy or a meteor or something solid and it literally dissolves in the vibration of balance.  The significant one anticipated within a few years has been transformed.

The truth is that there are many truths!! This is about people doing their own research or their own intrinsic growth so that they can understand what is right for them.  In the

Next, she spoke of the Omniverse.  These are parallel universes and those people who remain in the low vibration and choose not ascend may move into one of these other experiences.  Through this, she also speaks of parallel lives and how we can access this through our divinity.

Vilma then asked a question of how to work with people and family members who may be in fear.  She also spoke of how she able to do her job and still remain in balance. Brysentia spoke at length about how to remain in your place of balance, how not to take on others’ fear.

Truly activating a sense of compassion. For those who are outside of this, it may be ruffling feathers, creating anger and fear.  Change can always be hard and this is an opportunity to let go,

This is an opportunity to send it out. Send out balance, send out peace, send out love, and send out love.

Albayon: 37.15

The beginning of Albayon’s channel was somewhat confusing to me, so you may need to listen twice and I hope this discussion helps.  I do like to explain that sometimes the perception they have is different than what we may have.  As he began talking, he mentions that viruses, bacteria, and changes in the evolution of the world take place all the time.  He talks about how the expansion of the Coronavirus is the way that a virus will naturally travel around the world.  There are always many different potentials for what happens upon the earth and in the universe.

That being said, he also explains how this is related to the Cabal, which is an organization that is based in a very low vibration, control, and manipulation.  There are many different beliefs that people have about our world and I won’t tell you what to believe. However, I do want to explain that this is what Albayon was speaking about. This organization, the people are now coming down as this is written.  Conspiracies always have an element of truth and while this virus was started by the ‘cabal’ or those who wanted to use biowarfare, much of it is a normal transition that takes place with something of this magnitude.


When Albayon moves on to the next segment, we energetically transport onto his ship.  As you listen to many of these channels, you will see that we frequently get a sense of the universe through his ship.  In this channel, we go a place in the universe where multiple species and worlds come together both for assistance or to communicate what might be happening on their world, part of the universe or even intercommunication.

He describes it quite well, but there is a circle of people who were all talking to each other then going up from them as if there are tiers.  In one section I saw a huge contingent of the Great White Brotherhood (GWB) and they seemed to be running the experience.  We were up in the top section and could see everyone who was in front of us.  People have bits placed in the ear or behind the ear so that you can hear what the others are saying.


Interpret what is happening:  Ashtar is speaking about the number of ships that were associated with warfare, with the war of the worlds.  He is speaking about the number that has been contained. (for the GWB, there is a council of 4 at the front).  Ashtar has said that 50% of the warfare mindset is gone.  As the ascension continues, some of the ships that are stuck inside our earth will be released.  Ashtar also mentions that this is being monitored by those in his command.  He also mentioned they have tunnels created that will be a light that gives them an exit.

The next are people talking about their planets and one, in particular, is that his planet is about to implode and he needs help.  As this information came through, immediately the GWB sent a contingent with others to help this planet out.

The next group was the insect type of species.  They stated that they too are evolving and asked for assistance as they move forward. Sense of the praying mantis, other insects, other animals, communicate via telepathy.  I had the sense that in the past they have not been trusted so there was a great deal of hesitation about what these delegates are saying.

The next group is from Andromeda.  They ask for more people from the rest of the universe to create greater stability. They would like more to come in and all will ascend as a new group.  They offer technology that works with the vibration of tones and sound.  They spoke of the specific planet that they would like to work with. Both parts of the communities are there and they would like approval. They do not have to have approval, however, if they have it; it will strengthen everything.

They likened this process to what happens upon the earth through the indigenous people and the world governments such as the united nations. Andromeda is at the forefront of the ascension process not only for their planet but for the universe.

Albayon spoke at length about the fact that Andromeda and this other planet are seeking to merge.  He spoke about how this is very exciting and gave great detail.

Crystallia 1:08:11

Speaking about the crystalline energies as they integrate all within the earth.  It activates the crystals, it’s in the cells, it’s in the consciousness. She is from a totally different universe. There are new technologies that will become available. She is here to stabilize earth as it moves through the process.

Her perception of fear is different. Any mass transition that is for the purpose such as ascension you clear multiple levels of consciousness.  She has never truly experienced fear because it is totally outside of her vibration.  Any group transition allows for the clearing of karmic agreements and a download of higher vibrational energy.

Death is different to her. It is not an ending, but a transition or movement from one existence into another. I look at you and I see many different lifetimes.  As you think of your life, there was your childhood, teen years, young adult, etc.  Crystallia says that from within our I AM presence, it’s as if you are moving from experience to experience, not lifetime to lifetime.

She speaks of clearing the energy of a lifetime and this is something you can transition at any time. People think that this is something they are unable to do.  There is a great deal of karmic agreement that is clearing from the level of the universe due to the ascension taking place in the entire universe.  When it’s significant, you can clear your entire soul’s experience if there is perhaps a pattern of incarnation that you have stuck within.

This is the growth in your life.  The ego can get in the way and it can limit one’s perspective. However, once you are back in source you can move to the highest vibration and clear all.

If the ego mind creates a potential, it can become something that manifests for you.  Perhaps you think you will go to purgatory, perhaps you don’t think there is a heaven or source and therefore you go into limbo once you transition.  You don’t have to ever go there! You can easily get out whenever you wish to.

Crystallia comes from a universe where there is only love. she is from a universe where this ascension took place thousands of years in the past. She doesn’t have a linear timeline as we do, she’s just trying to make a comparison.

Here we are; you know your life is eternal, your soul is eternal, and you always have the potential to change.  No matter what you may believe, change is there.  Anything keeping you in pain, anguish, suffering; let it go and invite me in. I am the crystalline energy and I bring with me years’ worth of integration of these energies.

In the crystalline vibration, your electricity will change. How you power your automobiles will change. How you move from point A to point B will change and people’s reactions will also change. It’s normal to have change and know that going forward it is all about love.  Think about how you can work with energy; where you align and the energy does what it needs to do. Telepathy, teleporting, shapeshifting are all part of the changes coming in.