Trust is a complicated emotion.  Some people take it for granted, while for others fear may keep them from trusting. Trust begins within you and it entrained between your soul and human self.  It actually is deeply aligned with the vibration of self love.

As the Goddess began this channel, she spoke of intention.  Intention is something people have that can be both conscious and unconscious.  From there she spoke about how much you are controlling in your life asking the question; what do you feel a need to control?  What wads interesting is that many people felt they were controlling as a means of making life easier; not necessarily to make others do their bidding.

As the Goddess looked  beneath control what she found was fear.  The primary reason people felt need to control was fear. She created a space where people were truly and fully supported by angels and light beings  and then began to clear the fear.  She stated ‘control is the human form for getting things done; trust is the higher vibrational form for getting things done’.  This channel weaves the energies of trust from your soul into your every day reality.

As you trust in yourself you have greater confidence and you can relax into the flow of potential.

$38.oo for one channel
20% off for two
30% off for three or more