Brysentia is a Pleiadean Emissary of light who works with me through this ascension process that is taking place.

During this channel, she is speaking about the Corona Virus, Covid 19. She speaks of how this a part of the shift in energy that is taking place. She speaks about how this is drawing people together so that they can work as a whole in clearing the energy.

She speaks of the break-in time as people quarantine which is allowing Gaia to clear the atmosphere, the water, the ozone layers, etc. With the factories shut down in China, we can see from the satellites in a way that we have not for years.

She speaks of support and communication that has shifted because of what the world is experiencing. She speaks of the 5th dimension which represents all working together to raise the vibration for all. This is a heart-centered time which will become the norm.

She lastly speaks of how this affecting all of the universes. What happens on one planet, impacts the rest.