We are all aware of the disclosure that is coming out. As more and more people become aware of the corruption, satanic rituals, the abuse of children and adults; a big question is how could this ever have become into the earth.

During Lemuria, the Earth was a very high-frequency Brysentia spoke about how there were primarily 3 star beings who moved onto Earth, working with the indigenous people. These were the Pleiadians, Arcturans, and Syrians. They helped the evolution of the earth move forward. They spoke of splitting souls and moving around the earth.

Then Reptilians, Draco, and other very low vibrational ET’s attacked planets in our solar system. As these wars developed, they also infused themselves upon the Earth. They were here to steal the people as a food source and energy. This is how they came in. The Benevolent ones tried and tried to get them out, then after a time, they decided to sink Atlantis, remove as many as they could, then there was another ice age and the flood.

She then spoke of now and what has changed and why things have gotten to where they are with the deep state, or Cabal, or whatever you want to call them. I had a LOT of computer problems, I stated 30 mins late. Even though I used Zoom twice before, from my computer, it didn’t work then. I felt a strong need to wrap a super amount of insulation around us, this channel, and any who hear it in the future.

Here’s the best part. Once done and spoken about, it cleared a huge amount on Earth. When there is corruption, crimes against humanity, and the other problems, those perpetrating, want it hidden. By us speaking out, it created another layer of clarity for the planet and for humanity. She finished with speaking about what we are moving into and how this will all move very, very quickly once people speak out about the corruption and show the trials. Thanks for your patience!

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