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Channelings and Galactic Messages from The Universal Light Beings

Brysentia speaks of Soul, Communication, Looking Glass

This is an excerpt from the monthly channel with the Universal Light Beings. Brysentia is a Pleiadian and in this channel, she speaks of soul. We each have a soul and as our soul we are massive. This is where we have a lifetime upon lifetime and we can move forwards,...

Albayon Speaks of Clones, Body double, Covid 19 and Trends

This is an excerpt from the full channel with the ULB's (Universal Light Beings) in which Albayon speaks of some of the information that is coming out at this time. People have spoken about some of the figures like the Pope, HRC, Obama, and some of the other world...

Conversation & Channeling

I have a group of friends that I will get together to talk about what is happening in the world. Sometimes we do energy work on each other, readings, channeling, and such. The following is a video we took when we were talking about what is happening. I was channeling...

The ULB’s Speak of Chaos, Change Ascension

The Universal Light Beings are together in this channel as they speak of what is happening right now on earth. There is chaos and old beliefs are being challenged on every level. They speak about chaos creating change and that there is resistance to change. They speak...

Brysentia on Ascension and Inner Earth

Brysentia is a Pleiadian Emissary of Light and has worked with humanity for the integration of love and opening awareness. During this channel, she too speaks further about our integration and movement into the 5th dimension. She speaks in a practical manner. She also...

Albayon, Cabal Removal, Infusion of light

This video includes my channeling of Albayon. He is an Arcturian Emissary of light that I work with consistently. At the time of this channel, he speaks of massive transformation taking place. The deep state, cabal, whatever name you want to call them, that are coming...


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