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Here we are in the middle of August! There have been many changes taking place and I wonder what the ULBs have to say. A few topics include; what is happening with the consciousness, how many are truly helping this transition, and whatever general information there may be.

Questions for Albayon

38:00- You say the highest and worst nefarious ones are gone. Ok! What about the shadow goverment in the US and the committee of 300 that are controlling now?
39:45- So yet, Atlantis of the light where in 7-9D, but yet the dark took over?
42:10- Will the rest of our islands, including Maui be okay from now on without any more additional troubles (destructions) from the DEW attacks of the cabal?
44:15- How much longer do we have to endure waching the nefarious players keep attacking us? When is it our turn?
45:55- It is clear that the dark forces are using various means to weaken and take out portions of the human population. For example they use tainted food, air, water, medicine, pathogens etc These have a varying degree of success on different humans and therefore could be seen to be experimental. They could be collating data on the results of these different approaches. If the final aim is to reduce population why not do it directly and quickly? Why are these data gathering methods used? Thank you!
48:51- Once all of the nafarious ones are gone, how do we make sure they do not come back?
49:30- Will the true Kings be here to serve the people as they should?
50:20- How do you see/recognize starseeds from an UFO? Some pilots shine a strong head light when they fly over and I wonder how they know that a starseeds is living down there? Are we able to visit an UFO within the next 10 years?
53:20- You have three fingers. How and for what do you use only three fingers?

Questions for Crystallia

1:05:50- When is the solar flash and the Rapture?
1:08:30- What message would you give the starseeds right now? What is important for us now to be aware of?
– Do some people feel the energy and frequency more and why?

Questions for Brysentia

1:20:30- When is EBS?
1:26:10- Is it true that the cabal and US involvement in the Iraq war to take possession of Gilgamesh’s body? If so what is the significance?
1:29:15- Do you know if the good part of our Government are aware of these energies coming in and are they coordinating their operations with the timing of this?
1:30:55- Why do so many Ascended Masters despice the Pleiadeans? What is the history?
1:32:20- Will the schools close after the disclosure since so much they are teaching are lies?
1:33:55- Are there metallic orbs if so what are they doing?
1:35:20- EBS continued.
1:35:45- Will that start in the beginning of the School year this year with this change that will take place?