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Albayon spoke first about timelines again, Matthew from Alpha Centauri spoke about how they have a team that is working with those who create movies and shows to send energy that helps with ascension.

Brysentia spoke secondly about the water, the oceans. How often have we heard it’s in the water or look to the water? She spoke about massive portals, ships, and time travel including Blue Beam.

Crystallia spoke lastly about the changes taking place and the greater ease of communication. It’s here! Believe in all that you have done and where we are~~

Questions for Albayon

27:11-Hello, here in the UK we are hearing more of the casualties from the thing in the arm. Last week the UK government had a debate on this subject however, very few MPs turn up for this. It is heartbreaking the government are not turning up to listen and many have chosen to ignore this. Our health service is in a mess and I see lots of very ill people walking around. Will the government ministers be bought to justice and when will they accept their responsibility. There are so many MP’s stepping down at the next election. Are they going to get away with it? thank you.

31:02-Might the democratic party in all 50 states come to a FINAL END soon to no longer exist?

35:05-Will the ruling political party in Mexico called Morena, win the elections this June?

38:41-Did the people of Palestine and Israel come together to fight Hamas and the Jewish Kazillian Mafia? What is happening in those countries right now?

42:25-What do you see for Australia going forward? Are the corrupt politicians being put too trial?

46:05-How can we tell the difference between physical ascension symptoms and real medical problems?

Questions for Brysentia

59:00-Can you tell us about the cloud seeding we have been seeing taking place in Dubai

1:02:45-Will our demonic Governor and all corrupted politicians be removed from Hawaii possibly by or before the end of this year 2024?

1:04:35-I used to watch Gaia TV but then heard it was infiltrated by negative people, is this true?

1:05:55- Dear Brysentia, can you please tell us about the white brotherhood living in the Himalaya ?

1:08:51- Is it possible for a soul, who once left the earthplane, to connect with loveones who left behind?

1:10:27-Will humanity get in this lifetime? And will we know truth of Antarctica also?

1:13:30-Can you please speak of the Coventant of Albion and what is means for earth?

Questions for Crystallia

1:23:30-How can we relax into these newer energies, to physically call in our soul tribe? It feels like it is time for us to meet our soul family in the physical after most of us being in relative isolation. Thank you.