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During this channel Brysentia, then Albayon, then Crystallia spoke.

Brysentia talked about the ability to be true to yourself.  By that the importance of letting go of other people’s expectations and energy.  She specifically mentioned times when you are in crowds and can take on others’ energy without being aware.  She also worked with everyone in activating their DNA to e in a higher alignment with the source.  In doing so, this led to a process you can use to activate your Pineal Gland.

Albayon brought his family with him this time!  They actually spoke separately about how things have transitioned enough to bring in more people.  They spoke of what happens when they are far away and yet still communicate. They spoke of moving through time and existence and that this is something each of u will do in a more conscious way in the future.  We are already doing so, but for many, it is without awareness. He also gave more information about the moon and living upon and within it.

Crystallia spoke more about the upgrade that Brysentia created for the activated 3rd eye.  She invited everyone to ‘see’ her differently because of the change.  She spoke of the importance of being in the higher frequency and gave everyone the opportunity to experience the light frequency. It is here now, all the time.  You no longer need to only access during a channel.  Make the most of the opportunities available. to you!!