I am very excited to talk about a new series of classes that I’m offering.  Expanding Intuition and Trusting It!

Each class is going to be 2 hours; however, I have a tendency to go a little over that time.  Each class is intended to give you tools you can use to help with your personal growth.  Especially at this time of ascension, your intuition will become something that is easier and easier to access.

Some of the primary ways in which people receive information are through their senses.

Clairvoyant – do you see things?  When people hear about clairvoyance, they frequently think it means that someone is able to see what is not there, such as ghosts, nonphysical beings, images of experiences, and more. Yes, all of this is true.  However, did you realize that this also is a way in which you may be triggered?  What I mean by that is that you may see something in your everyday life, and then you have a greater sense within you.  Therefore, people who tend to be visual, or learn in a visual manner are frequently clairvoyant.

Clairaudient – do you hear things?  When someone is clairaudient, they will frequently receive their information through something they hear.  The cool thing about this is that perhaps you hear it in the physical world, such as music, a tone of voice, or a message.  However, you may also hear things within you. This is often the ‘small voice’ from within you when you are given information.

Clairsentience – do you feel things?  Have you been told your whole life that you are just too sensitive?  Or don’t be so sensitive?  Man, this was me as I was growing up and of course, as people said that to me, I just ‘felt’ even worse!! When someone is clairsentient they are frequently receiving information from all the various sources around them and oftentimes don’t even know what it means. It can be overwhelming.

Claircognizance – do you just know things?  This is when you just know.  You know the phrase ‘when you know, you know’.  These are the people who may not be able to give a clear reason for why they know what they know, they just know it is truth for them.  Have you ever known that someone was about to call you? Did you ever know that something was happening to someone you know even though they weren’t with you? This is the knowing that comes from your intuition.

As you read this, you may feel as if you actually are a part of all of it!  We are all intrinsically intuitive.  We are all directly linked to our higher self and our soul.  Therefore, as you take time to understand what is your strongest tool, you can then learn how to strengthen the ones less used.

My intention with this class is that it is a foundation for a series of three classes.  Each one will build on the first.  I know that many of you are already open and aware, however, it is always a great opportunity to understand your strengths and create a clear awareness within you.

Classes are offered:

Tuesday, May 23rd,         7 pm to 9 pm  EST

Wednesday, May 31st    12 noon to 2 pm EST

Here is the link to sign up or read more about it: