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From the very beginning, this was a different channel!! The beings were ‘closer’ to us, they spoke more easily and in fact, the entire channel went more quickly! Crystallia spoke of her greater clarity asking people to see how they could sense her. Brysentia spoke of the transition in DNA and the impact of this eclipse. Then Albayon spoke about transitions not only here but the inter-relationship with light beings.

19:50 Question for Crystallia: How do you start building a vocabulary for the new colours and sensations that is coming in more and more?

21:58 Question for Crystallia: Goodevening, I understood that I as my soulfragment choose a variety of timelines. But can I also travel energetic in my lineair past and change discissions made earlier?
So change timeline so my reality will have a different outcome?
27:13 Question for Crystallia: If this is a planet of polarity, how is the polarity going to change in the new dimension. Will there still be dark energy?

44:50 Question for Brysentia: Will we need to have at least 6 wks of food and water in Canada and USA in the coming months?
46:47 Question for Brysentia: When will Trudeau and his cronies be gone. Will Canada recover soon after he is gone or will these terrible governments just keep destroying this country.
49:56 Question for Brysentia: Will the financial system turn to our favour after Trump gets back in?
52:17 Question for Brysentia: Hello, will our physical ascension symptoms subside post eclipse or will the energies continue to be intense? Thank you.
55:40 Question for Brysentia: There were sparkling things in the sky, what was that?
57:34 Question for Brysentia: How has the eclipse impacted the ULBs and other galactic?
59:40 Question for Brysentia: I have a question. I have a very rare blood type and have done extensive research and I didn’t find any scientific evidence that would explain any significance. I’m type O negative.

1:14:44 Question for Albayon: What will happen after 26.000 year cycle – will we regress and go back to the darkness or can we go backwards?
1:15:20 Question for Albayon: Can you look into the mysterious monoliths placed all over the world in the past few years?
They`re pillars of stainless steel – are they healing the earths grid?

1:16:07 Question for Albayon: The Kennedys are so prominent in politics. Why? And can we expect a successful bid to the White House by any of them? And Is there anyone in the White House? Is the seat of poser moving from that area. Grateful and thank you, Dear One. Please offer a blessing to us all. Thank you.
1:18:30 Question for Albayon: Greetings Albayon Thank you for your messages. What effects did the eclipse have?
1:20:28 Question for Albayon: Are the ULBs Aspects of Shelley? I met many of my Aspects and integrated them during an NDE in 2014.
1:21:25 Question for Albayon: What is going to happen to Julien Assange?