I have a long list that I’d like them to talk about!! The impact of a comet into the sun, people who are giving information, and are the giants awakening? I also know that the Equinox coming us will be powerful!!


Lions Gate, Influx of Crystalline Energies, Shutting down of the 3rd Dimension, Spiritual ascension.


23:10 – Do you experience loss?
24:35 – What happens to those who refuges to change? Or accept the energies?
25:55 – Crystallia, have you any idea how long we will suffer from these ascension symptoms? Our whole life? Or how can we coop with these solar flares and intense energies? Nobody knows how long this will last, can you give us some more information about this? Thank you Crystallia !


Discernment, Sleeping Giants, species of Earth, The Nephilim, Missing Children


48:05- What about the Nephilim?

54:10 – Are any of political figures from another timeframe?

56:30 – What happened to the 2500 missing children in Lahaina, MAUI?

1:00:20 – Kim Goguen said that the Arcturians have sent a gift of healing that will arrive in the next couple of days. Can you expand on what this healing gift will do for all of us?

1:05:30 – Do you see financial relief for humanity within the next 2 months? A lot of people are really sufering financially and on top of that groceries and everything is so expensive? Any relief in that or in taxes for the end of 2023?

1:08:10 – Are there any non terrestrials who enjoy listening to music made by humans on earth?

1:09:30 – Has Denmark, the Danish government, the Danish royals and the Danish news media surrendered to the white hats ?

1:10:05 – What will happen with the many incarcerated people? Especially the political prisoners worldwide & those unjustly incarcerated.

1:13:00 – Does Elena Danaan speak the truth or is what she is saying made up from the dark side?

1:15:00 – I often awaken in the early hours of the morning by earing and seeing lights in the darkness, even when my eyes are kept closed. I want to know this happens it is a message from ULBs if so, how do we find the meaning to it and what should we do.

1:17:15 – Will the 144.000s play a specific role in the future of the Earth?


Sleeping Giants in Stasis, Clarion call, The Ancient One.


1:25:50 – Before we are born, what does the process of ‘designing’ the body and physical characteristics look like?

1:32:59 – Please can you tell me what is the dominant vibration of the country Dubai? Since its manmade, will it keep its value after the earth is settled in de 5th dimension or will it devalue ? What is the most possible timeline for Dubai?

1:34:37 – Any vision for us here in Australia?