During the following, I channel the Universal Light Beings in my monthly gathering.

It begins with Albayon talking about med beds and how they have been used by all who live in the universe. He spoke of cellular regeneration. He also spoke of the current experiences in the United States and worldwide transformation. Beginning to About 33 minutes

Brysentia spoke of Lemuria and what it was like to live at that time and how the Pleiadians came to be upon the earth. She also spoke of Pleiadian plasma ships and some of the different ones utilized by ET’s. 33 minutes — 1:03:00

Crystallia spoke of the crystalline energy and how that will impact us in the future. She spoke of the various timelines for integration. She also sent messages of love, light, and support. 1:03:00 — 1:23 There was an opportunity for Q&A but only a couple of questions were asked.