This channel was filled with a great deal of different information.  At the time of this channel, the world is waiting somewhat with bated breath to hear that the deep state has been taken down.  I know in my heart that indeed they are.  When it will be complete, I do not know. However, I trust 100% that it will happen and the world will move into the higher frequency.

Crystallia spoke first about unconditional love and compassion.  She spoke of how it is to be telepathically linked with others because you can feel their pain as they are feeling it.  So too she talked about suicide and depression because of the ways it so affecting people at this time.  She answered questions that people asked about how best to help others.

Next Bysentia spoke about the 5th dimension and the reminder that making changes through fear or coercion will no longer happen.  In part she was referencing wearing masks, proving you’ve been tested, taking the vaccine.  In essence, this type of control and manipulation is incompatible with the 5th dimension.  She was quite humorous asking people to say it with her “that’s incompatible with the 5th dimension”. This is one way that you can stay out of fear.

Albayon spoke of going on to the ships and that people can energetically connect with the med beds. They are on his ship and you can have the intention of going there in your sleep.  He spoke of Antarctica and the ships that have been captured.  He said that many have been released and they had created a tunnel that took them out of the earth and straight into another universe.  Many of these have been there from the time of fighting and controlling.