Private Channel with Shelly and her Group – One Hour

A private channel with Shelly is an opportunity for you to feel loved and supported by the universe, your guides, the angels, and the many energies available to you. It’s a chance for you to create a deeper connection within yourself. It may be an experience of profound healing; it may be about receiving information. It is always an opportunity to allow for shifts to occur within you.

Details: Private channels take place by phone or by using Skype and can be 30 or 60 minutes in duration. If the call goes beyond the ordered minutes there is an additional fee of $2.85/ minute which can be paid after the channel by Credit Card or PayPal.

Once you have ordered a channeling session, Shelly will contact you through your email or phone to set up a time.


We are Universal Light Beings Assisting Humanity and Gaia through Channeling and Energy Work