It is sometimes funny to me because when I do these channels, I will feel as if this one is amazing. I do then next one, oh this one is amazing!! TRULY, this one is a very powerful channel. I actually heard that from others too. Brysentia begins speaking. Just as we acknowledge people from around the world who tap into these channels,

Byrstentia said Greetings from the Pleiades, also Alpha Centari and other universal places!! YES, we are more than this life and experience. She spoke of how different lifetimes affect our souls; some more than others. She spoke of solar flares, how they work on our bodies and when the big one could come in. She spoke of the quantum energies; financial, consciousness, spiritual and more.

Albayon spoke of the return of Avalon; why it left, what happened, why it’s returning, and what it means for society. He also spoke of New Jerusalem, the mother ship. He speaks of the Andromedans as mediators. He spoke of the crystalline energy body as it becomes a part of yours. He spoke of the different types of Merkaba’s.

Crystallia spoke of dimensions, integrations, changes, and becoming comfortable with these changes.