Brysentia spoke first about how important it is for us to remember we are all part of the human race and that as that we need to be in a place of love and acceptance. She spoke about the need to release criticism of others and how so much of the reaction to things comes from fear or anger. She spreads love with all of her words.

Albayon then spoke of what has happened to our planet as the reptilians came in with Atlantis. They are a totally different species and basically looked at all humans as food. There was zero compassion or emotion within them. The 13 families and those considered the elite were the ones who through the years have taken care of these reptilians. He spoke of how mind control and brainwashing are taking place.

Lastly, Crystallia spoke of the high frequency of the 5th dimension. She spoke of the importance of being authentic and choosing love and joy. It will become easier and easier as time goes on but she is so very filled with the high frequency and it creates an overriding sense of love and light.