Albayon spoke about consciousness in an in-depth manner. He spoke of our cells, our mental bodies, our emotions, and how it all inter-relates. He also spoke of the various vibrations and frequencies and to align with what is in your highest interest. Once again med beds came up for discussion.

Brysentia spoke about Earth. She spoke of people calling it a different name than Gaia; how just as we have aspects of ourselves, so too does she. She said Earth is and always will be Gaia, other frequencies can have different names. She spoke about Los Palmas and how that is not going to be something that creates a massive tsunami. She spoke of nurturing the Earth and how our food will undergo a huge change.

Crystallia said that she was there and transmission the energy of love through all the other spoken words during this broadcast. She said ultimately, love is the higher frequency, and any way that we can find love, express it, feel it, receive it is going to help ourselves plus all of humanity. She said self-love is key to all that happens.