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Universal Light Beings (ULBs)

Universal Light Beings have been a part of our culture for thousands of years.  Many believe that the Pleiadians encountering humanity is what created the first significant shift in our culture.

Shelly has channeled Angels and Light beings for over twenty years and during her free teleconference with the Goddess Of Creation ( in January of 2016, the Universal Light Beings joined the group.  They spoke during that teleconference of the changes taking place upon the earth and that new communication would become available to help people in their lives.

At the time Shelly saw them in a distinct triangle around her.  Crystallia was at the top of the triangle and she represents the Omniverse and crystalline energies.  At Shelly’s right shoulder was a Pleiadian, Brysentia.  Then at the left shoulder was an Arcturian; Albayon.

As the world moves into the 5th Dimension the vibration, the frequency, the energy of life is transforming.  For so long the society has vibrated at the 3rd dimension so this transition to the 5th is quite dramatic.  This movement has been an evolutionary process for the last several thousand years.  The intention of the light beings and this website is to help people open to self-love, compassion, and a new perception of life.

The pictures are similar to what they look like but not an exact likeness.  This image used for Albayon is considered to be Ashtar; however, he is similar to this image.  When it comes to channeling there is a great deal of information available to us, however, there will always be variations due to perceptions of the people receiving the information.  What is right, what is wrong?  That is for each person to decide.

Albayon – An Arcturian Emissary of Light

Albayon always appears to me as the captain of one of the spaceships that move through our universe.  He has spoken with us at length about the transitions taking place both upon the earth and in the universe.  These transitions have to do with the ascension of the earth.  Nothing happens upon the earth without the balance taking place in the universe; so too what is happening out there is affecting the earth.

Albayon has walked upon the earth and worked with humanity for several thousand years.  He takes on the image of man, appearing about seven feet tall because it is more easily recognized and comfortable for the work he is doing.  Arcturians tend to be small and only communicate telepathically. He takes time periodically to rejuvenate his energy in a special room for this purpose.  His ship has many different species upon it; however, we work primarily with him.

During these podcasts, we frequently will be upon the ship.  This is done through conscious expansion.  Do we teleport there?  It feels at times as if it is so, although not as one would anticipate teleportation. As yet our physical bodies have not gone with our consciousness. I know that this is a part of upcoming transitions. Certain people may have the ability to teleport with their physical body, for others this will come in time.

Albayon has spoken about the Inner Earth, Antarctica, his home planet, warfare, peace, love, awareness and many, many other topics.  His tendency is to speak of technology life’s history.  He has a dry sense of humor.


Brysentia — Pleiadian Emissary of Light

Brysentia first began interacting with the Earth during the time of Lumeria.  At that time in our history, the Pleiadians and other star beings began to populate the earth working with those who lived here to create a new species.  Through this experience, much of the DNA that now supports our lives were infused into humanity.  At that time she was here as one of the people integrating, not supervising.  Shelly has frequently believed that she too was part of this group of people who first came into the earth for the transition.

Since that time she has had multiple life experiences upon the earth. Some were for an entire lifetime and then after the time of Atlantis, she mostly would return only to assist with the transformation.  As an emissary of light, her intention is to help people through their personal growth and help to remind them of their beginnings.  I have felt for a long time that the Pleiades have been a place of transformation. If people are coming to earth for the first time, they will go there to experience life and prepare for the gravity and the experiences of living on Earth.

Brysentia’s appearance is mostly of a blue color although that changes as she feels emotions.  She also has what looks like tattoos on her face, arms, legs, body that actually transmit information.  When you look at her, she may look like a typical human, although very tall.  Once you align with her, you see her true essence which is with these various means of communicating.



Crystallia — Emissary of Light from the Omniverse

When one looks at Crystaliia, most of the time all they see is light.  She comes from a very distant universe and only recently has she been able to manifest closer to the earth.  She is from a place in which the entire universe is of the higher vibration which is based on crystalline energy.  This what we are moving into and she is here to assist with this transformation.

Through the time that we have worked together, she has become more and more clear to me.  She has a very vague outline of a human that she has taken on so as to look more like us.  She is sustained through pure energy and would not nurture herself in the way that we do.  She also has had no comprehension of the 3rd dimension and duality associate with that consciousness.  If anyone were to direct anything negative towards her, she simply shifts into the higher dimension and therefore not affected.  This is one of the lessons she is here to teach.

When you live in a world or a life where the foundation is based in love and inclusion you recognize that what happens to one, is felt by all.  We have this right now, but not nearly as sensitively as she is. We as humanity are linked because we are all human. As more of the crystalline energies become part of the earth this becomes more evident to all. The physics of this is different from that which we have known in the past.



We are Universal Light Beings Assisting Humanity and Gaia through Channeling and Energy Work