During this channel, Albayon and Brysentia spoke.

Albayon spoke first and he talked in great detail about the medbeds. He spoke about how everyone has the ability to connect with them energetically and have their own healing. He also spoke step by step about what one can expect when having a session. He recommended that for people seeking healing, that they set up the intention, call in the healing beings, shift your energy to a healing space, perhaps such as what is on his ship, and then as you sleep this is where your consciousness goes. He also stated that this quantum healing includes the expanded consciousness of the higher frequency and that without that it is hard to have a healing. He also spoke of cellular healing.

Byrsentia spoke at about the 50-minute mark and she talked about what is happening now. She spoke about the pandemic and what it represents. She stated that every business could open, every mask discarded, and all could back to their usual routine right now! She spoke about the places in lockdown and what they can do. There are continued severe lockdowns in Canada and she looked especially at Quebec. There seems to be a lock on the old energy and the tunnels are in use. Now that so much of the US is cleared out, the sense is that help will come from there. She also spoke at length about energy work, what can be done and how to help all.