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Crystallia spoke first about your soul, your intuition, and the importance of paying attention to this. She also spoke of the MultiVerse and our perception that everything is going to change.

Brysentia spoke next and her focus was on our DNA, how it is continually being upgraded by the Solar Flares, the Eclipses, and the ways it will affect us. She spoke of disclosure and current happenings.

Albayon spoke last this time he too spoke about how the information will be coming out. While speaking of the Va….. there was an attack of nasty energies. I felt it coming in and immediately sent out energy to clear it. Albayon & a group of light beings immediately came, surrounding me, and my house, and clearing the nasty energy. He finished by talking about your reality and where you place your focus.

Questions for Crystallia

30:00- Do you have information on Mirror Time?

34:30- I would love to learn more about the soul and the lessons we choose as we reincarnate and how we experience these lessons as a human being and how is that different?

39:05- Do you see humanity living in Unity in near future?

Questions for Brysentia

1:01:11- Do you know what the large anomaly is that is in the water above Antartica and near Africa? It is causing many large waves. Some are calling it a Leviathan.

1:04:59- Can you speak more about the new DNA upgrades, what is being rewired and what it may feel like when an individual is going through this, particularly in the head/eye/brain area.

1:12:53- Do you feel that we could have a lockdown in early June and a clearing out if the remaining evil? Do you think the person Pascal najadi is sharing truth or did information?

1:14:59 – Will we have access to travel devices to instantly go anywhere on the planet.

Questions for Albayon

1:27:03 – Can you talk about Spain?

1:31:20- If all of the sudden your body gets very cold and the temperature in your room drops, does that mean it is a passed soul that is coming to visit or something else?

1:32:34- Can you talk about what`s happening in Australia ?

1:34:12- Is what we know as Earth in a sinote of our much larger planet & only 20%, there is much beyond Antartica.

1:37:41- I want to ask how can I believe to your predictions while there are no evidences at all in the reality? Are you telling all those predictions just to create such a reality while it isn’t actually what truly what currently happening?

1:40:35- Will the Satanic buildings be removed – The Vatican, White House, Buckingham Palace?